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Cake decorating workshops

I love Christmas and I get quite carried away with my Christmas cake designs but more than that, I love to share my passion and show you how easy it is to decorate your own Christmas cakes. I'm dedicating a week to workshops! Saturday 25th November to Saturday 2rd December. Come and join me for a few fun filled hours with unlimited mince pies, tea or coffee and be amazed at what you can achieve. You can subscribe to one of the organised days or you can create your own workshop with friends (3 or 4 people) on one of the spare days

Everything is supplied including tea, coffee, limitless mince pies, aprons, ingredients, equipment, and boxes for your finished masterpiece. 

Christmas Tree Cookies
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The cost is 55€ 

The session will last 2 to 3 hours. There is no set finish time. If you have chosen something that is time-consuming, I will be there to guide you until you are finished. 


Option 1 

Bring your own cake that is already covered with a layer of marzipan - I will send you a video explaining how to do this. 


Option 2 

I will provide you with a 3" square cake that we will marzipan together. When I say 'together' I mean that you will cover it and I will instruct! We will then cover it with icing and decorate as you chose 


Option 3 

If you'd prefer to decorate a 4" cake instead of the 3" the cost will be 60€ 


Option 4 

If you have time and would like to decorate another 3" cake the cost will be an additional 12€ 


Option 5 

If you have time and would like to decorate a 4" cake the cost will be an additional 17€ 


Reservations: 06 06 46 50 38 or 

​15€ deposit payable on booking. This is only refundable if you cancel and I can subsequently fill your place

Wooden Hut


Saturday 25th November 

Monday 27th November                Day off!

Tuesday 28th November               10am 3 places available

Wednesday 29th November          PRIVATE BOOKING

Thursday 30th November             PRIVATE BOOKING

Friday 1st December                     PRIVATE BOOKING


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